Sela Group has built a stellar reputation within the hospitality industry on dedication to its bold mission, the strength of its promises, and utilizing the passion of every associate to deliver superior results for its owners, investors, partners and communities. Sela Group’s core expertise is an ability to identify fresh talent within the hotel, food & beverage, nightlife, fitness, and retail communities and align them with best in class development, management and financial discipline in the creation of compelling new business models in lifestyle hotels. The heart of the company lies in its collaborations. Sela Group offers hotel planning, construction and design consulting services on a global basis. Serving as a liaison between ownership and the brand, we can assist with cost estimating, pre-opening, technical services, renovations and brand conversions based on our extensive experience and depth of knowledge with all major international brands. An emerging leader in hospitality management, Sela Group developed a successful operating strategy that combines economies of size with agility in deploying resources focused on achieving hotel and lifestyle transactions’ investment goals. These efficiencies consistently produce strong financial results for our clients, making Sela Group the preferred operator of choice.

Paper Factory Hotels

The Sela Group is the owner of a unique portfolio of high-quality, full-service hotels primarily located in emerging markets, years ahead of thriving cities, placing these neighborhoods as the “go-to” destination. Every location injects a chic modern aesthetic into the classic archetype of the lifestyle hotel: complete with world-class restaurants, infamously vibrant nightlife, wellness and fitness centers, and rooms comfortable enough to serve as a second home. Paper Factory Hotels strive to provide its own ecosystem of guest services that offer our clientele little reason to venture outside the walls of our properties, should they so desire.

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Q4 Hotels

Sela Group’s Hospitality Division was originally formed through development and operations of up to five hostels. The vision for Sela Group is to combine the social culture of a hostel with innovative design, comfort and a quality food and beverage experience that serves our guests and locals all offered at an affordable price. Alongside this vision, Q4 Hotels will also focus on event management, throwing parties and collaborating with the nightlife entity of Sela Group.

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A Culinary Adventure: Innovative, eclectic, globally-inspired cuisine with sustainable sensibility. Mundo is characterized by sophisticated urban styling and the menu is inspired by classic flavors adapted for the modern palate. Using locally sourced, seasonal produce, the dishes are simple but elegant. Mundo’s diverse team aims to be one of the most exciting and influential eateries in the country. Mundo’s menu highlights the best of earthy Mediterranean and unique global flavors with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients from local vendors and farms, and homemade dishes. Complemented by the modern, rustic décor, Mundo brings its passion to all of its guests!

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A brand on its own, Sela Group’s Lifestyle Concept will offer world-class entertainment from nightlife to dining, activities of indulgence including fitness and wellness centers, arts and culture, co-working spaces, to fine retail establishments.